"I developed a thirst for entrepreneurship that has yet to be quenched"


I got my start in disruptive entrepreneurship as a 14-year-old freshman at St. Joseph college prep in Chicago, IL. When school administrators decided to raise the prices on the vending machines in the cafeteria, I didn't gripe and complain like my peers, instead, I saw it as a lucrative business opportunity. The very next day I started selling cans of soda pop from my locker, taking pre-orders before lunch and charging 50% less than the vending machines, I even sold some on credit (with a 25% interest rate). 

Unfortunately, my first venture was squashed by regulators (The Principal and the Dean of Students) when I got a little too ambitious and decided to expand my operations. I'd made such a killing buying wholesale and selling at retail that I decided to implement an affiliate program and expanded my offerings to gum, candy, chips, and ink pens and loose leaf paper.

Though I was angry and felt persecuted, I acquired a thirst for business and entrepreneurship that has yet to be quenched. I have gone on to start several companies. Including a local newspaper, a video production company, a record label, a digital marketing agency, and most recently an A/R gaming company.