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Black Enterprise Modern Man Man of Distinction: Roger Roman

BE Modern Man is an integrative program that honors the essence, image and works of today's modern man. 
With 100 features of today's leaders, executives and agents of change - The goal of this curated collective is to globally shift the standard narrative regarding men of color and project the positive perception that is a common reality to those within the BE community and throughout the world. 

"It’s both a humbling and great honor to be recognized by Black Enterprise as a Man of Distinction. I am proud to join the ranks of the good brothers who have been honored in the past. It also serves as a reminder that I have more work to do."


Bitcoin Startup BitMari Makes History And Expands Territory To Zimbabwe

BitMari is utilizing the technology to give unbanked populations a chance at winning in the global economy. Co-Founder, Sinclair Skinner, is confident the partnership can help reverse over a decade of recession in the country, “Blockchain technology will allow Agribank and future indigenous African banks to leapfrog traditional remittance methods. Financial inclusion creates empowerment and ultimately stronger economies.


Do YOU Understand the Multicultural Millennial?

“The millennial generation in the U.S. is now 75 million strong. Like any generation, millennials are not homogeneous, as the group includes consumers from a wide range of ages and ethnic backgrounds. Notably, 42% of U.S. millennials are people of African-American, Asian-American, and Hispanic heritage.”